Somalia forms Presidential Election Committee

In a joint session between Somalia’s bicameral parliament (Lower and Upper Houses), the members formed Presidential Election Committee to oversee election of new president after several poll delay.

17 member committee appointed will oversee the Somali presidential election that probably will take place in the coming weeks.

The committee comprises 10 parliamentary members of Lower House and seven senators from Upper House.

The election committee is set to announce in the coming days the date and rules pertaining the presidential election.

The names of the members of the committee are as follow.

  1. Amina Hassan Ali
  2. Ahmed Ismail Mohamed
  3. Osman Haji Ali
  4. Dahabo Suusow Mohamed
  5. Khatra Mohamed Tukaale
  6. Lufti Shariif Mohamed
  7. Maryan Ahmed Harun
  8. Mohamed Adan Moalim
  9. Sa’aadiya Ares Isse
  10. Haniifa Mohamed Ibrahim
  11. Abdi Ahmed Ali
  12. Abdullahi Sheikh Fartaag
  13. Farhan Ali Hussein
  14. Jawahir Ahmed Elmi
  15. Mohamed Osman Dhagajuun
  16. Hussein Sheikh Mohamud
  17. Abdirahman Duale Bayle.

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