Somalia National army begin operation on areas west of Bardhere

The Somali National Army based in Bardhere district has launched a major operation to flush out al-Shabaab from areas in the west of Bardhere which has been under the control of Al-Shabaab militants in recent days.

General Ali Turkish, the commander of the 49th National Army in Bardhere district, told the media that he is committed to removing al-Shabaab from many parts of the region.

This comes after al-Shabaab militants forcibly relocated 450 camels and goats from Reydab village about 55KM to Bardhere district and kidnapped five of the local elders from the village.

Dhame Ali Turkish indicated that forces have responded to the gruesome acts of the Al-Shabaab militias against the residents of Reydab village and that the insurgents are holding villages in Reydab, Maulale, Sidima, Kantama, Takar all the villages in Bardhere almost 60km to 45 km away have fled from an al-Shabaab militant.

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