Somalia rejoins East African Anti- locusts Organization

The Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation Mr Said Hussein Eid and Director General of the East African Community Anti-Graft Dr Stephen W. Njoka today signed an agreement with Somalia after 28 years to rejoin the East African Community. the fight against locusts, as Somalia has given up its sovereignty over its absence.

The event which took place at the office of the Prime Minister of Somalia was attended by members of the Agriculture Committee of the House of Representatives, representatives of the FAO World Food Program and Somali Farmers’ cooperatives.

On the other hand, Minister Said Hussein Eid pointed out that Somalia has re-joined the East African Anti-Doping Agency and that they will do a good job in the country.

The director-general of the East African Anti-Doping Agency, Dr Stephen W. Njoka, welcomed the return of Somalia to the organization and pointed out that they would soon be deployed in Somalia to assist the locals facing challenges.

Almost 9 countries, including Somalia, are part of the East African Anti-Rabbit Organization, founded in 1962 and is a grassroots anti-pest organization that is currently plaguing some regions of Somalia.

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