Somalia security forces arrest 2 Al-Shabaab suspects

Somali security forces on Sunday night arrested two Al-Shabaab suspects in a joint operation in Dharkeynley district, west of the capital Mogadishu.

Spokesperson of the Ministry of Internal Security Abdikamil Moalim Shukri said during the security operation carried out together with the African Union peacekeeping forces, the forces held twoAl-Shabaab suspects.

“Somali forces and AMISOM conducted successful operation in Dharkeynley district. We have captured two suspects. We had the information before the operation and it happened as planned,” Shukri said.

Forces from National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) and AMISOM have increased operations against the militant group of Al-Shabaab recently.

Al-Shabaab which wants to topple internationally recognised Somali government has carried out several deadly attacks in Somalia’s main towns.

In less than a week, the group attacked three towns with explosions killing over fifty people and 120 other sustained injures.

Two people were on Sunday night killed in a grenade attack in Mogadishu’s Suka-holaha neighborhood in Heliwa district.

ON 25th this month, over nine people killed after four Al-Shabaab fighters attacked popular restaurant alongside Mogadishu’s offshore.

Al-Shabaab was driven from the capital city in 2011 by Somali and AU troops.

Despite the well organised offensives by Somali forces backed AU troops,  the group still controls large swath of rural areas in south and central Somalia.


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