Somalia urges release of nationals detained over piracy

Somali government Sunday called for release of its nationals held in jails by a number of countries even as reports emerge some had been handed death sentences in India.

Yesterday, thousands of people went to the streets of Gaalkayo and Elhur towns in protest against court ruling of 119 alleged Somali pirates in India.

Somali government has called upon all countries where Somali citizens are detained for various crimes to protect their human rights and facilitate access to fair justice.

“The government called on the ministry of foreign affairs and its diplomatic missions to closely follow up detained citizens and the challenges facing them,” said Somali government in statement from the ministry of information.

The government has also asked Kenya, India, Seychelles and all other states holding Somali citizens for piracy case to allow them (Somali pirates) to serve prison sentence inside their country (Somalia).

Piracy in Somalia waters reached its height in 2012 when pirates seized ships every month and secured hundreds millions for ransom, until the European Union sent an anti-piracy force that ended the boundless piracy attacks in high seas.

Hundreds of pirates were arrested and now serving long jail terms in different countries and in prisons in the northern Somalia semiautonomous region of Puntland and the neighbouring breakaway region of Somaliland.

The EU naval forces have largely brought the piracy to an end.

The drop in piracy incidents is a relief to shipping companies using the Indian Ocean that had been the target of pirates.


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