Somalia warns failure to fund security reforms ‘could be catastrophic’

President Mohamed Farmaajo called on international partners to commit to fund the security reforms without which it ‘could be catastrophic’. Photo: UN|Nov 4, 2016

Somalia has warned failure by the international community to finance the implementation of the National Security Architecture (NSA) which envisages the rebuilding of Somalia sector could ‘be catastrophic’.

Addressing an international conference in Mogadishu Tuesday, President Mohamed Farmaajo said his government had ‘taken a leap of faith’ to institute several security reform measures and made pledges to the Somali public in the hope the international community would meet its side of the bargain.

“Let me assure you that this was done not without political cost and risk taking on our part as a government,” President Farmaajo noted. “We have taken a leap of faith on our international partners, assertions and promises such that a failure to deliver would likely be catastrophic.”


In presenting his country’s progress on the security sector during the Security Conference earlier on Monday, Farmaajo outlined key reforms including completion of the Operational Readiness Assessment for the police and the military and biometric registration of the army paving way for salary payment through the bank.

Somalia has also put in place the National Defense Strategy and formed the National Integration Commission which overseas integration of troops, the president noted adding plans were afoot to kick of the re-sectorisation of the military. All these components form part of the National Security Architecture presented for international funding during the London Conference in May.

President Farmaajo reminded the international community Somalis would be demanding action on promises made calling on the partners to keep their word.

“Accountability starts with us and rightfully the Somali people will hold us to account both at federal and state level for the policies which we have championed as means to remedy the daily struggle be it socially, economically and security-wise.”


During the May London Conference, international partners said they would commit to finance the Security Pact in October once Federal and State governments agreed on the remaining issues regarding the NSA. The October conference was postponed to December.

“Specific funding commitments from the International Community will be made at the October 2017 follow up conference, as Somalia’s leaders make progress on the remaining issues related to the security architecture,” a communique from the Conference read in part.

But in the just concluded conference, there were no specific mentions of financing of the Pact. A communique released Monday only identified priority areas for the implementation of the NSA. They include political agreement between the Federal Government, Federal Member States and Banaadir Regional Administration, integration of the forces and definition of roles and responsibilities of security forces under civilian oversight among others.

In his appeal for international support, President Farmaajo said his government’s revenue could not be sufficient to finance the security sector calling on donors to honour their commitments.

“We stand ready with open arms for a platform of mutual respect and accountability but above all a platform underpinned by ethos in which we say what we mean and mean what we say.”




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