Somalia’s first elected senator constructs first primary School for IDPs in Adado

senatorHundreds of IDP children in Adado town who were displaced by over twenty years old civil war in Somalia will start accessing free education following the completion of the construction of first IDP school in Adado.

The institution, which was constructed in Badbaado camp by Somalia’s first elected senator, Abshir Ahmed, has a capacity of 200 full-time students.

The primary school which is named as Mandeeq Academy has enrolled the first batch of 150 students.

Ahmed will fully sponsor the students as he has employed seven teachers who are going teach the children.

The school has been given motto written as “Tomorrow’s Leaders are learning here”

Last year October, during a tour at the camp, Ahmed pledged to construct primary school for the IDPs who were unable to access education.

Ahmed who worked variously in the public sector, civil society had paid to visit to Adado just days after he was elected as senator.

He opened up office of constituency services.

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