Somalia’s President bids farewell to the outgoing Djibouti ambassador

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud on Saturday night bid farewell to the outgoing Djibouti envoy, Dayib Dubbad Rooble whose tour of duty in the country for the last seven years has ended.

The ceremony took place in at Villa Somalia in Mogadishu.

President Mohamud commended the envoy for his excellent performance that has seen relations between Somalia and his countries grow.

Bidding farewell to the Djibouti Ambassador, President Mohamud said Somalia and Djibouti would continue cooperating in many sectors including trade and education.

“Somalia and Djibouti have enjoyed cordial relations and we have forged beneficial partnerships to push for the region’s agenda,” said the President.

Mr Mohamud thanked Djibouti for working closely with Somalia at the international level on peace and security issues.

President conveyed his best wishes to Mr. Rooble in his feature endeavors and thanked the ambassador for his contribution to the development of bilateral ties.

On his part, the ambassador thanked the President and his government for the fruitful condition created for the embassy’s activities and promised to work with Somali government in the future.

Djibouti is the third country to send troops into Somalia under AMISOM. Uganda and Burundi troops, currently numbering 9800, are in Mogadishu in support of the Somali peace process and the institutions it has generated.

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