Somaliland announces change of venue for peace talks with Somalia

The flag of Somaliland. Photo credit: Online

The self breakaway region of Somaliland has announced Switzerland as the new country to host the talks they will enter with federal Somalia after conducting a reviving talks in Djibouti as a launching pad.

Somaliland foreign minister Dr. Saad Ali Shire who spoke to the media today in Hargeisa made the new outcome saying the talks will be revived in the coming days with an initial one taking place in Djibouti.

“We know that we reached an agreement to revive the talks. There is a request from the federal Somalia to accelerate opening talks though not real discussion will take place when the two leaders will meet in Djibouti. It will be the second time they are going to meet in that country on the same matter.” Minister Shire said.

Minister Shire noted there is a new international mediation ground for the talks after the Djibouti meeting expecting the Somali federal government to accept the new mediator.

“Real talks will begin in an international arena after the initial opening talks. Switzerland has shown readiness to participate and assist in this matter. We hope the other party [federal Somalia] to welcome it” said Minister Shire.

Early February minister Shire announced in Hargeisa of meeting with his Somali government counterpart Ahmed Isse Awad while in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and discussed two major things which were how to revive the talks and the military tension of Tukaraq in Sool region.

Talks between Somaliland and Somalia started in 2012 following the election of President Silanyo.

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