Somaliland bans Somali passports issued in its territory

Somaliland has banned issuance of Somali passport in Somaliland warning it will not allow any holders of such passports to enter and exit its territory.

The region’s interior minister Yassin Haji Mohamud said Sunday authorities in Hargeisa have been instructed not to allow holders of Somali passports printed in Somaliland to enter or exit the break-away region.

“From today on wards the holders of Somali passports made in Somaliland will not be allowed entry or exit in all airports in Somaliland,” said Mohamud.

The development comes amid concerns by Somaliland that some private companies and former immigration bureaus under the Federal Government were issuing e-passports to Somalilanders.

Mohamud said those who intend to take the national passport should travel to Mogadishu to be issued one. He did not however issue a ban on passports issued by the Federal Government in Mogadishu contrary to earlier reports.

Somaliland recognises the rest of Somalia as a different country and therefore travelers with national passports pay a $30 visa fee. However Somalilanders use the national passports for international travel.

Somaliland declared itself independent from Somalia in 1991 following the collapse of government in Somalia but is yet to gain any international recognition


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