Somaliland delegates to elect 11 MPs tomorrow as poll resumes

Somaliland Lower House elections will resume tomorrow, Friday, December 9, 2016, 11 seats will be contested:

The following 11 seats will be contested:

  1. Arab (Abaddala arab, Abadalla Muuse and Maxamed Fanax) (1) seat
  1. Cidagale (Dhamal Adan and Abokar Muuse) (2) seats
  1. Habar Jeclo (Muuse Abokar) 2 Seats
  1. Habar Yonis (Cabdalla Ismaaciil) 1 seat
  1. Habar Yonis ( Ali Saciid and Isxaaq) 2 seats
  2. Samaroon (Makaahiil)  (3) seats.

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