Somaliland group protests Morgan’s candidature in Puntland senate polls

The Somaliland group has called Morgan’s candidature a slap on the face of victims of 1988 Hargeisa massacre which Morgan has been accused of leading. The group’s chairman Ahemed Abdi Like called on the International Community to intervene in removing Morgan from the Puntland senate race. Photo: Courtesy

A group representing victims of the 1988 massacre in Somaliland’s capital Hargeisa during Mohamed Siad Barre’s regime have called for the removal of Mohamed Hersi Mogan’s name from list of senators.

Ahmed Abdi Like, the chairman of the group Thursday said the candidature and election of Morgan opens up wounds of hatred given his participation in killings which historical records put at between 50,000 and 60,000.

“We are telling the international community to intervene in the inclusion of warlords with violent history. They have escaped justice but they should not be allowed to perpetrate impunity,” said Like. Morgan’s inclusion revives a memory of killings, Like added.

The call comes up as Puntland elections kicked off Thursday with Morgan expected to participate in the polls. Goobjoog News correspondent has confirmed Morgan is in the state assembly and will participate in the polls.

The International Community last week called on Puntland to drop Morgan’s name terming his inclusion a return to ‘dark days of warlordism’.

Morgan was singled out by the International Community alongside former Islamic Courts Union deputy leader Abdifitah Mohamed Ali and Abdi Hasan Awale Qeybdiid for ‘a history of violence and criminality’.

Qeybdiid has since been elected senator by Galmudug state while Jubbaland bowed to pressure and replaced Abdifitah Mohamed Ali with a female candidate in Wednesday senate polls.




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