Somaliland: Ministry of Environment conducts operation and impose ban on cutting trees in Sool region

People living in the Hudun district of Sool region in collaboration with the Ministry of the Environment with the help of the Somaliland military have conducted an operation in Hudun district to control the deforestation in the region.

The operation was carried out in Hudun district and its surrounding areas, where people in the area were cutting the trees to make charcoal into business.

Jama Haji Mohamud Salah, the coordinator of the Ministry of Environmental Affairs, said that they were alarmed by the local elders about the deforestation in the area and we have quickly responded with support of the 8th division of the Somaliland military.

He said charcoal burning has contributed to the degradation of forest cover in the area which has resulted in the reduction of trees, massive soil erosion and flash floods.

Jama the coordinator of the Ministry of Environmental Affairs and the local elders have sent a stern warning to those who cut down trees saying they would no longer tolerate cutting of trees and would take legal action against them.

Deforestation has negative consequences on pastoralist communities since Somali people are familiar with the herding of camels, sheep, goat and cattle.

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