Somaliland opposition leader criticises Somali president for poor leadership

The chairman of Somaliland’s opposition political party UCID (For Justice and Development), Faisal Ali Warabe has criticised Somali president Hassan Sheikh Mohamed for poor leadership and accused him of creating political controversy in the country during his tenure as president of Somalia.

He pointed out that the political rifts in country have been caused by these newly federal states formed during his presidential term.

“Hassan has led the country into political chaos, there are political rifts in Kismayo, Adaado and many other parts of the country, the nation togather with itscitizen are facing injustice, people are forced to accept minority administration”

Meanwhile Mr. Faisal has highlighted that the Somalia’s immigration department office opened in Buuhoodle will not have negetive impact on Somaliland and its administration.

“Buuhoodle is a small town which has no capacity to be administrative town therefore Somaliland is ready to invade that town and the government of Somaliland will it expand it administration in that town” he said.

Somalia and the breakaway Somaliland have several times tried to iron out their different latest being held march this year.

The 8th round of Talks between Somalia and Somaliland was set to commence in Istanbul before Somaliland delegation refused to open Talks with the Somali Federal Government delegation.

Somaliland’s foriegn minister Mohamed Bihi Yonis speaking at Egal Airport in Hargaisa before departing for Turkey stated that they will not open talks with the Somali Federal Government delegation if individuals who hail from regions under Somaliland are included, adding ” We will only talk with individuals from South Somalia.”

Somali federal government delegation for these talks include the then minister of transport and aviation Jangeli and Minister of information Maareeye, both comes from regions claimed By Somaliland.

Turkey, a recent key ally of Somalia had tried to convience Somaliland delegation to attend the talks and should not consider the background of the members of the delegation but Somaliland declined that request.

Somaliland which is a self-declared state internationally recognized as an autonomous region of Somalia has declared early 1990 that it broke away from the rest of Somalia

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