Somaliland president says elections will go ahead

Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo, president of self declared state of Somaliland has refuted claims by opposition parties that he is planning to hold on to power and cancel the planned elections next year.

“We prepared everything elections requires, we also respect the work of the electoral commission and I would like to tell anyone willing to hold public office to join the race,” said Silanyo in an apparent swipe at the main opposition party leader.

He also distanced himself from accusations by the opposition parties that the presidency is suppressing their views and right of speech.

The opposition parties in Somaliland have blamed the president for dragging his feet on electoral reforms.

They also accuse the president of violating previous agreement with the opposition about the electoral system.

There has been political instability in Somaliland in the past three weeks after opposition called for protests in their bid to pressure the government to honour its pledge to organize elections next year. But authorities have put down the protests and barred opposition figures from public appearances citing security matters.

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