Somalis soon to call across networks as authority initiates talks with operators

The National Communication Authority will hold talks with mobile operators on mechanisms to open inter-connection

The National Communications Authority will engage mobile operators in the country from next week to allow customers to make calls across networks in line with the provisions of the Communication Act passed by parliament December 2017.

The authority said Wednesday the talks will start on April 10 through to August 2019 to explore the ‘relevant economic and technical issues’ in accordance with articles 50-53 of the Communications Act and rules on interconnection.

The opening of the networks will be a major boost for consumers in the country who have had to contend with one operator or forced to carry multiple simcards to communicate with those using other networks.

The inter-connection will mean that one can, for example, call from Hormuud Telecom to Somtel which at the moment is not possible. However the termination charges will not be uniform and the regulator may also have to put in place caps to make cross-network communication favourable.

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