SOSCENSA appoints committee for political mediation

The logo of Somalia South Central Non State Actors (SOSCENSA). Photo credit: Online


Somali South Central Non-State Actors (SOSCENSA), a multi-sectoral and non-partisan platform in South-Central Somalia has appointed two days ago a political committee to take part on solving the current political disputes following several meetings they conducted.

After many deliberations, they agreed upon to form a committee to find solutions to the current political dispute.

The mediating committee will be tasked to meet the top leaders of the country and other politician to shorten the widening political chasm following the attack on the house of former presidential contender Abdirahman Abdishakur by government security forces 8 days ago.

The members are:-

  1. Dini Mohamed Dini
  2. Ali Mohamed Yussuf
  3. Adan Hassan Bare
  4. Sheikh Noor Baruud
  5. Sheikh Ali Wajis
  6. Sahra Mohamed Ahmed
  7. Duniyo Mohamed Ali (Arshan)
  8. Hinda Ahmed Farah

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