South West state shrugs off reports of new vice president

South West state president Sharif Sheikh Adan has been without a vice president since he was elected in 2014. File Photo: Amisom

South West state has dismissed claims the state president Sharif Sheikh Adan has appointed a new vice president.

Speaking to Goobjoog News, state presidential spokesperson Nuradin Abukar Gama described the information circulating in the social media ‘as mere rumours that was not officially endorsed by the state leader.’

“This document which is circulating in the social media these days is a false one with people who have personal interest with a fabricated signature of the state president” said Gama.

Gama said the administration had identified the people behind the information noting they forged the president’s signature and use the state logo to distribute false information.

“Our extensive investigation led us to the people who used to spread false information though we cannot disclose them now,” added Gama.

Gama stated that the lack of state deputy president is due to ongoing reconciliation process in the state where such an appointment needs full consent of the many clans living in the region.

State president Sharif Sheikh Adan was elected in November 2014 and no deputy president was appointed for the last three years.

Separately the South West state minister of agriculture has started the distribution of seed to local farmers in 18 areas in the state and a food for work initiative to dig boreholes in collaboration with FAO and World Vision.

“We are giving out seeds and farm tools in the 18 locations that make up South West state with the exception of Sablale location. Food for work also is implemented towards digging water boreholes under the collaborated sponsorship of FAO and World Vision” agriculture minister Mohamed Hassan Fiqi said.

The minister added the program aimed at people with disability to receive assistance relating to farming, emphasizing on a pledge that whatever his ministry will get will be divided between the able and disable persons. “I want to announce a program meant for the disabled people that they will soon receive seeds and a tractor solely for them. Whatever my ministry will receive shall be divided between the abled and people with disability.”


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