ADVERTISEMENT: University for Peace 4th intake November 2020

UPEACE is pleased to inform prospective applicants that the new November 2020 intake for the Master’s and PhD Programmes as well as certificate courses is open until 30th November.

Download the Upeace 4th Intake Flyer 15th, Nov 2020    for more info.

The following programmes  are of offer:

  • MA Programmes
    MA in Environment, Development and Peace.
    o Specialization Environmental Security and Governance
    o Specialization Sustainable Natural Resource Management
    o Specialization Climate Change Policy.
    o Specialization Sustainable Food Systems
    MA in International Law and Human Rights
    MA in Disaster Resilience Leadership and Humanitarian Assistance
    MA in Peace Governance and Development
  • PhD Programme
    PhD in Peace Governance and Development
  • Certificate Courses (New)
    Certificate in Project Planning and Management
    Certificate in Monitoring and Evaluation
    Certificate in Business Administration
    Certificate in Local Government Administration Management
    Certificate in Procurement and Supply Chain Management
    Certificate in Health Systems Strengthening

Programme Duration
1. Certificates: 5 weeks (4 weeks course work; a final week of exam and completion project)
2. Master’s Degree: 18 months (12 months study; 6 months of independent research project)
3. PhD: 36 months
Mode of Study
1. Online option
2. Blended option (Face to face and Online)

Programme and Tuition Cost:

Programme Tuition Cost Admission Fees Total Fees
MA Programmes 3000 500 3500
Certificates 500 100 600
PhD Programmes 20,000 1500 21,500

MA Programme costs are paid as follows:
– A non-refundable admin and enrolment fee: $500 (payable in 2 instalments of $250 each)
– First Semester 50% tuition fee: $1.500 (payable in 2 instalments of $750 each)
– Second Semester 50% tuition fee: $1.500 (payable in 2 instalments of $750 each)

PhD Programme Tuition Fee:
$20,000 (with limited partial discounts available and payable in 6 monthly instalments) and $1,500 Application and Admission fee.

For enquires:
Submission of applications:
Contacts: +252 (0) 613 99 99 06 ; +252 1 857776
Campus: Airport Road, Wadajir District, Mogadishu, Somalia.

Main Campus: Rodrigo Carazo Odio, San Jose, Costa Rica.

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