State to cater for retired presidents as Senate approves Retirement Bill

The Senate today endorsed the State Officers Retirement Bill paving the way for senior state officials who retire to tap into state welfare support fund.

The Bill which was first tabled  in Parliament (then only Lower House) in 2015 received approval from Senators today and now proceeds to the President for assent.

According to the Bill, state officers among them President, Prime Ministers, Speakers of Parliament and Chief Justice will enjoy retirement perks from the state which cover medical bills for them and immediate family, salaries, travel and security among others.

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The Bill, as tabled in Parliament in 2015 gives former presidents 70% of their salaries, a residential, elite security unit, first class tickets for official trips, luxury car and four-wheel drive car.

The PM, according to the Bill, will enjoy similar percentage of salaries as president, furnished house, luxury car, four-wheel drive car, but a reduced security of two personnel and health care. The same applies to former retired Speakers of Parliament.

In the event of ill-health and a president is forced to leave office, the Bill reads, a former President will be entitled to 60% of monthly salary.

However, presidents who are removed from office in accordance with procedures laid out in article 92 of the Provisional Constitution will not be entitled to any benefits. Article 92 of the constitution provides for the removal of the president from office if he or she is accused of treason or gross violation of the constitution or the laws of the Federal Constitution of Somalia.


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