SWS administration rejects UDP party to convey a workshop in Baidoa town

Southwest state police have on Sunday rejected the United Peace Democracy party (UPD) to hold a workshop in Baidoa town.

Senator Hussein Sheikh Mohamud who apologized for the SWS society for not conducting the workshop they have been waiting for has accused the FGS of cancelling their seminar.

“I am apologizing for the people of Baido who were waiting for us at Horyaal Hotel to conduct a workshop, but regretful the seminar was dropped by the SWS administration,” Senator Hussein said on his Twitter account.

It is not yet known the reason, but recently it is accustomed to happen in the country as the government police have also stopped Wadajir Party to hold a similar workshop at Maka Almukarama hotel in the capital Mogadishu last week.

The interim draft constitution of article 20 states that everyone has the right to hold, participate meetings or demonstrations that will express instability way can be held without permission.

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