Take charge as Commander in Chief, opposition parties tell Farmaajo

The political parties urge President Mohamed Farmaajo to take full responsibility and address the challenges facing the military

Opposition parties in the country have appealed to President Mohamed Farmaajo to swiftly move in and address the ongoing salary row and welfare of the military as the commander in chief.

In a joint statement, four political parties, UPD, Himilo Qaran, Ilays and Wadajir warned the security situation in the country was deteriorating characterised by bombings especially in Mogadishu because of ‘failure by the government to implement a national security plan.’

“The President as the chief of the armed forces, according to the constitution of the Federal Constitution Article 90, sub-section (B) specifically [should] protect the rights, dignity and development of the armed forces,” the political parties said.

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Register with us to get your pay, PM tells soldiers

The political parties also called on the government to come up with a security strategy to address the deteriorating security situation, particularly in Mogadishu.

Their remarks come a day after President Farmaajo shifted responsibility for failure to tackle Al-Shabaab to the military noting he had provided them with the requisite support to eliminate the militant group within two years.

“In the last two years apart from the last three months have you not been receiving your salaries and your food regularly? Are the armed forces that you are commanding been receiving the salaries?” President Farmaajo asked the SNA commanders. “We have fulfilled our promises that we made. So in your turn now have you eliminated Al-Shabaab militants from the country in the last two years?


The political parties also called for immediate assistance to the military in form of salaries and benefits, compensation and food rations. The biometric registration of the soldiers should be conducted in a fair and transparent manner while giving priority to those who are already deployed.

The political parties also appealed to national leaders and government officials to desist from public statements that could impact on the morale of the security forces.

Prime Minister Hassan Khaire last week dismissed claims of salary delays noting only those who had not availed themselves for registration has not been paid.

“We have recently heard of troops complaining that they have not been paid their salaries, but those are the troops who have not registered themselves,” the PM said. I call upon them to register themselves and they will get their salaries.

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