The Administration of Middle Shabelle Sent Police Forces To Intervene Two Clan Militias

The administration of middle Shaballe region stated that they have deployed police forces in the areas which fighting erupted between two clan militeas days ago.
The regional judge of middle shabelle region Sheikh Mohamed Ibrahim Siyad Speaking to Goobjoog FM mentioned that they sent police forces to intervene two brotherly clan militias fought in the outskirt of Jowhar, the headquater of Middle shabelle region.
He added that they have arrested some leaders of the fighting clan militias who wre proceeded to the central police station of Jowhar town and called upon the fighting clans to cease fire without condition.
“Immedietly the fighting embarked, the police forces led the police commissioner reached the area as to intervene the two militias and they arrested some of the individuals leading the militia” Sheikh Mohamed said.
This comes after heavy fighting erupted between two clan militias in the outskirt of Jowhar town caused causiulties and displaced many people in that area.

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