The Ministry of Education and the Regional government’s conference in Baidoa town

The Ministry of Education of Somalia and the Regional government’s Government of Somalia has today opened a meeting in Baidoa town, Bay region.

The meeting was attended by the Minister of the Federal Ministry of Education and the Education ministers of the regional administrations said that the aim of the meeting is to consult the quality of education system in the country.

The Ministry of Education and the regional administration has been focused on implementing the Curriculum Structure developed by the Somali government and to enhance the quality of teachers.

The Minister of Education of the Federal Government of Somalia Abdirahman Dahir said this meeting is a consultation with the Ministries of Education on how to unite the Somali curriculum.

“We will be discussing the current curriculum and the books that we have written and how we will implement them, and we will also be discussing the issue of scholarships in the country.”

The meeting of the Ministry of Education and Administration of the regional states in Baidoa is set to determine the curriculum that the country will have and how it will be implemented.

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