The president of southwest state nominated some of his cabinet ministers

ShariifThe president of southwest state Shariif Hassan Sheik Adan appointed some of his cabinets ministers for the first time since his election on 17th November this year/

After much consultation and deliberations with elders and political stakeholders the president has appointed the following ministers

1-Abdirahman Ibrahim Adan as interior minister

2- Hassan ibraahim Lugbur as minister of finiance

3-Mohamed Hassan Fiqi as minister of agriculture

4-Ahmed Sheik Hassan as minister of justice

After the appointment the president Shariif Hassan sheik Adan gave speech which encouraging these ministers to fulfill the mission and vision of the state and he also addressed them to exercise their duties as per required by law of the country.

This comes only after the two political factions led by Shariif Hassan and Modoobe Nunow agreed to have power sharing. the union of these two parties is expected alter the security and the development of the state.

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