US alert its citizens not to travel Somali regions in Ethiopia

The US embassy in Addis Ababa has issued a security alert its citizens to travel in some parts of Ethiopia.

The advisory encouraged US citizens to “Exercise Increased Caution,” when travelling to some parts of Ethiopia. There are also parts of Ethiopia that the embassy advised citizens to avoid traveling to.

The embassy disclosed a possible terror attack, kidnap, and violence in the Somali region in Eastern Ethiopia.  South Ethiopia, west Oromo region and adjacent areas of Benishangul and Oromo areas, among others, are also identified as areas with a security concern.

Regional authorities in Somali Ethiopia region do not seem to be too happy about the travel advisory.

The Government of Ethiopia has restricted or shut down the internet, cellular data, and phone services during and after civil unrest.  These restrictions impede the U.S. Embassy’s ability to communicate with and provide consular services to, U.S. citizens in Ethiopia.


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