Thousands Demonstrate in Mogadishu against Italy’s Oil Company Eni

Thousands of Somalis took to the streets of city demanding Italy’s Oil and Gas Company Eni to stop explorations activities in Somalia’s territorial waters but claimed by Kenya.

EniThe demonstration is organized by the Somalia’s Non State Actors known as SOCENSH And people were carrying placards reading “Italy, get out of our territorial water”.

Abdillahi Shirwa, the head of SOSCENSA said “Italy should choose between whether to be friend of Somalia or the Foe”, he said Italy is engaging with Somalia in bad faith and sometimes back stabbing it.

There have been reports that Eni is doing oil exploration activities in the most southern parts of Somalia’s territorial waters, this is commissioned by Kenya government.

Somalia has lodged a complaint with international criminal court to stop Kenya from claiming its waters, but the court has yet to decide.

The Somalia attorney general’s office has also registered a case against all foreign oil companies, including Eni, contracted by Kenya to do exploration work in Somalia’s waters, the office has also fined the companies in absentia, the amount of the fine will be determined according to number of days they operated in Somali waters.

Eni is among several international oil companies that had interests in Somalia before 1991 and is expected to resume work soon, but this issue may have its negative impact for its comeback.

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