Three female journalists allegedly beaten by police in Hargeisa

Three female journalists were allegedly been beaten by police officers during a visit to a prison in the administrative capital of the breakaway Somaliland, Hargeisa Sunday.

Warda Ahmed Rooble, Zamzam Abdulahi Osman and Ikraan Saeed Diiriye were allegedly subjected to physical harm at a prison in Hargeisa town when they were visiting a relative detained at the centre.

Osman who is recovering from injuries sustained during the attack at the prison said the trio were beaten up by the custodial corps inside the room where visitors meet with prisoners.

“I and my two fellow journalists were visiting a relative at the jail. After inspection we were allowed to enter but then an officer in uniformed  started hitting us. He kicked me several times before I fell to the ground and he stood with his boot over my neck squeezing me on the ground,” Osman said during interview with Goobjoog News.

She noted that they had been detained for hours before they were released.

She called on Somaliland administration to investigate the case expeditiously and prosecute the officers.

“Up to now, no official has been held accountable for the torture. We call on the government to probe the matter and arraign those officers in court,” added Osman.


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