Three killed as Somali forces and Al-Shabaab clash in Bakool, Somalia

Three people including combatants have been killed and several others were wounded in heavy fighting between Al-Shabaab fighters and Somali National Army (SNA) soldiers in the outskirt of Hudur town.

Security sources say, the Somali troops in armored fighting vehicles and battle tanks began to thrust into Al-Shabaab-held area of village en route to Hudur town of Bakool region.

Hudur administration said two Al-Shabaab members had been killed, but gave no figures of any casualties on their side.

“Somali soldiers with the African Union killed two Al-Shabaab fighters in the fight,” said the official.

Local resident in the village said there was a heavy exchange of fire which lasted for some hours.

“We heard the sound of heavy gunfire, we were unable to get outside,” he said.

He added” Two dead bodies of Somali soldiers were seen in area”

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