Three people killed in Hodan district of Mogadishu in shooting incident

A caravan driver and two children killed in Hodan district of Mogadishu when armed men clad in military uniform opened fire without any apparent reason. Eye witness confirm to Goobjoog news

Girl aged 9 and her cousin 17 are among the three dead. The armed men suspected to be members of Somali National Army by the residents opened fire on caravan that had just delivered footballs fans. Says eye witness

the bullets hit the driver of the caravan and two children standing in front of nearby shop. Hodon district commissioner could not be immediately reached for comments about the incident. no police or security forces  arrived the scene after the shooting  as the assailants managed to escape. According to the residents.

One of the residents of Albaraka neighbourhood in Hodan district said they live under constant fear of military individuals who he said come out every night nearby barracks to rob ‘ Yesterday we met with Hodon district commissioner and told him our concern. Tonight Iam the cousin of the two killed children’ said one of the relatives while apparently crying.


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