Three thugs killed in Nairobi’s Eastleigh

Police in Eastleigh on Tuesday night, gunned down three suspected members of the notorious Super power gang.

The suspected gang members are said to have been planning to rob area residents.

The three suspected thugs were shot at the busy Jam Street area of Eastleigh and were armed with pistols and knives.

The gang in Eastleigh has been responsible for murder, muggings and armed robberies in the area.

The Super power gang has also been blamed for kidnapping local businessmen for ransom and using extortion to fund its criminal activities.

The Super power gang comprises of Somali youths mostly deported from the US, UK and Europe.

Some of the gang members are also youths sent to Kenya by their families living in the West to reform but instead engage in crime while in the country.

The gang uses its procedes from crime to fund their drug addiction which is mostly miraa and heroin.

Police in the area have been blamed by residents for protecting and even colluding with gang who are said to pay for the protection fees.

In April 1, 2016, the group brutally murdered a young man named Abdi Aimoi Mohamed who had come to Nairobi to register as a private KCSE candidate.

The thugs stabbed the student several times before robbing him of valuables.


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