Timeline of Mogadishu’s Hotel Attacks Since 2009

Hotel WeheliyeAs Alshabab intensifies its assaults this month against Somali Federal Government, Peace keepers as well as civilian targets , like those attacks last night (Friday) on two popular hotels in Mogadishu, Goobjoog News has undertaken the task to present the chronology of major explosions and suicide bombings targeted at Hotels in Mogadishu, Somalia.

December 3, 2009:  Suicide blast struck Shamo Hotel in Mogadishu’s Hodan district and killed at least 20 people; among the dead are University Medical Students who were just performing their graduation ceremony, 5 Government Ministers as well as other dicnatories.

Among the ministers killed were Prof. Ibrahim Hassan Adow , then higher Education Minister, Qamar Adam Ali , Health Minister and Education minister Ahmad Abdullahi Wayeel (Dr Shahid).

August 24, 2010:  Suicide attack at Muna hotel followed by gunfire claimed the life of a number of Somali Federal parliament members as well as ordinary citizens and wounding more many.

Among the dead was MP Mohamed Hassan M. Nor, MP Geddi Abdi Adiid, MP Bulle Hassan Ma’llim, MP. Idris Muse Ilmi.

Five more MPs were wounded in the assault and they included MP Ali Abdiqadir Mo’lim, MP. Ali Mohamud Abdi, MP. Ahmed Sheikh Mahamud, MP. Mohamed Ataye Farid, and MP. Isaq Ibrahim Ali, these are Parliament members who sustained injuries from the attack.

After the attacks the death tall climbed to 23 persons, including the government officials and MPs.

September 20, 2012:  Suicide explosion at The Village Restaurant in Mogadishu kills at least 16 people including Journalists.

Among dead Journalists are National Television News head Liban Ali Nor, Abdisatar Dahir Sabrieye, a reporter For National Television and Radio Mogadishu, Director of Voice of Democracy Radio Abdirahman Yasin Ali.

January 1, 2014:  at least five people were dead and 22 wounded when an explosion struck the front Gate of Jazeera Hotel in Mogadishu.

October 12, 2014: A suicide attack killed at least 1o people at Oromo Coffee Shop near the Parliament building.

January 22, 2015:  At least three people killed when suicide hit a popular Hotel S.Y.L near presidential palace.

February 20, 2015: A vehicle laden with explosive devices went off at Central Hotel in Mogadishu, this is followed by another explosion from suicide female attacker who detonated her suicide vest, he was   the receptionist at the

This killed and wounded Government officials including the deputy prime minister Mohamed Omar Arte Ghalib.

March 11, 2015: An explosion kills at least two people near Hotel Makka Almukrama, this happened during night time.

March 27, 2015: A suicide car explosion followed by live combat kills at least 14 people and wounds 50. The attack took place Mamka Mukarma Hotel. Among the dead Somali Ambassador to Switzerland, Yousuf Baribri, Alshabab claimed the responsibility of the deadly attack.

April 21, 2015:  A suicide car bomb that struck at Banood restaurant in Mogadishu leaves 9 people dead and wounds seven more.

July 10, 2015:  Two suicide coordinated attacks followed by live combat targets two Hotels in Mogadishu, as people were sitting to break the fast, killing 18 people and wounding more than 17 others. Hotel Wehliye in between the Dabka junction and Parliament building and Siyad Hotel near the presidential palace were the hosts of latest assault by Alshabab.

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