Traffic  Police warn against violations of road instructions

The Commander of the National traffic police Patrol unit, General Mohamed Yusuf Madaale warns against violations of road instructions following a 15-year-old boy identified as Abdi Liban Abdi who was driving public transport vehicle arrested at the traffic police headquarters in Shangani district under the Public Transportation Act.

The step taken by the traffic police patrol unit comes during last week a truck accident killed 11 people leaving more than 20 injured in the capital Mogadishu after the truck lost control hit nearby petrol station.

Since the Somalia central government collabs in 1991, the rule and regulation of the highway roads have been destroyed by civil war and left everything disrupted.

According to the commander’s speech, a person under the age of 22 years cannot drive public transport vehicles except private.

somalia’s traffic police now design and maintain social responsibility to reduce occasional accidents happen in Somalia’s capital Mogadishu caused by traffic mismanagement on the main roads.

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