Turkey pledges to help recovery of Somalia’s postal services

Minister of Posts, Telecommunications & Technology, Eng Abdi Ashhur Hassan, has formally requested the Turkish Postal authority to help revive the postal services of the country which were destroyed during the civil war period.

The minister met with the chairman of the International Post Office (UPU), the chairman of the Turkish Post Office, Md. Kenan Bozgeyik, first, thanked the government and the people of Turkey for their support and support to the Somali people and government since 2011 when President Rajab Dayib Erdogan arrived in our country.

The minister said the experience and confidence of the Somali people in the action encouraged them to submit the request, adding that he hopes the Turkish Post will do something to revive the service that is vital to the country’s economy, particularly. such as items from the country.

The Turkish Post Commissioner has pledged to work with Somalia to build a modern post office, which benefits from the experience and connections of Turkish Airlines with the world seeks to score These delegations appointed a technical committee to work in full cooperation between the two mail.

“We managed to return to the UPU theater and lift the sanctions and vote for the first time after the collapse. But Postal referral is a very serious need of tools, knowledge and networks around the world, who are necessary siblings Turkey to help us, “said Minister of Taxes and added that the emphasis as this service would be returned.

“After-post communication is our number two priority, as it is an eCommerce facilitator, facilitating financial services and bringing the public to financial services. We want to build a modern post that will take over the world from where it is now, ”the minister concluded.

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