TV journalist killed in yet another IED attack in Mogadishu

Mohamed Ibrahim Gabow was killed Tuesday evening in IED attack in Moagdishu. Photo: courtesy

A television journalist, Mohamed Ibrahim Gabow was killed last night in Mogadishu when a an explosive device attached to his car exploded while driving in one of the streets in the city adding to increasing cases of improvised explosives devices (IED) attacks in the city.

Confirming his death, Osman Abduulahi Gure, the manager of Kalsan TV, a local Somali channel where the deceased journalist Gabow was working said the journalist sustained severe injuries before succumbing to them.

“It is confirmed that he passed away. Initially he sustained severe injuries but after a short period, he died” said Manager Gure. Several people were in the car among them Abdifatah Bidar and some of his children who were in the car survived the attack. Bidar is also a journalist.

The incident occurred in Wadajir district.

The deceased who was in late 2os left behind a wife and a daughter.

Federal minister for information and culture Engineer Abdirahman Omar Osman condemned the incident conveyed his to the family of the deceased.

“I strongly condemn this murder which has the hallmarks of Al-Shabaab fighters. We cannot accept the perpetrators to escape and hide in the society. The government is doing all it can to unearth the people behind it. I pass my condolence to his family” said minister Eng. Yarisow.

The journalist becomes the second to die in bomb explosions since the October 14 truck bombing which claimed the life of VOA freelance journalist Ali Noor Sa’id.

A report by the UN in Somalia (UNSOM) this past week indicated an increasing number of civilians casualties as a result of IED attacks with most incidents reported in the capital Mogadishu.

More than half (54%) of the casualties which translates 748 death and 1,550 injured are attributed to various types of IEDs attacks, the report notes.



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