Twitter Battle: Beyle blocks Jubbaland state minister

The political disputes between the Federal Government and Federal Member States took a different turn this week when the long-running tiff was squared out in the micro-blogging site Twitter.

Finance Minister Abdirahman Beyle, known for his penchant for blocking dissenting ‘followers’ added the out-spoken Jubbaland State Minister for Planning and International Cooperation to Aw Hersi to his list of ‘unwanted followers’

Hersi told Goobjoog News the minister went on the offensive after he sought response from the finance minister on alleged budgetary allocation to bribe MPs. “Your Excellency under what line item of the national budget do ‘the bribes to state MPs’ fall?”, Hersi’s question which earned him a ‘block’ read.

Hersi shortly posted a screenshot from Twitter indicating he had been blocked by the minister.

Goobjoog News unsuccessfully sought a rebuttal from Beyle.

Goobjoog News


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