Two deadly explosion rock Mogadishu

Two car bombings attacks took place at Mogadishu, especially between the junction Ceeri Gaabta and the SYL.

Eyewitness told Goobjoog News said, “that the first explosion occurred in a car near a checkpoint of a military base in the area.”

The first explosion was followed by a direct attack of armed men who attacked the security forces there at the scene of fighting.

Another second car explosion was said to have been carried out by a man driving a luxury car Just after the direct attack.

Two people have been confirmed dead and one injured.

Emergency vehicles were on the site to carry out the injuries to hospitals for emergency treatment.

Security officials still have not yet commented on the attacks.

The two attacks come when most of Mogadishu’s main roads are closed for the last days due to security concerns.

Goobjoog News


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