Two military officers gunned down in Beledweyne

Gunmen shot dead two Somali military officers in central Somalia on Tuesday night, a resident said, in the latest in a series of shootings targeting Somali forces and government employees.

The soldiers were killed after four suspected militants approached them and opened fire on them in Bundoweyn locality in the town.

According to witnesses, the attackers have immediately escaped the scene after the attack. Security officials in the town said that security forces were pursuing the attackers.

“four  armed men opened fire at the officers, and they died on the spot,’’ said a resident of Bundoweyn village in Baledweyne where town, where the incident took place.

He added “Immediately, the gunmen fled away from the area before police arrived to carry out investigations.”

Beledweyne, a town in Hiiraan region is under the control of African Union forces and
Somali government.

No group has yet claimed the responsibility of the attack, but fingers will be pointed out to  Al-Shabaab.

Attacks against members of the Somali forces have increased in recent months in the town, but mainly take place in the outermost of the town, where assailants are active.

Al-Shabaab fighters usually targets key government and security figures in the country, trying to overthrow the international-backed government.

Somalia has been racked by constant war for more than 20 years – its last functioning national government was toppled in 1991.

Somalia faces a major security challenge from Al-Shabab group that controls large swathes in south and central of the country.

The African Union and Somali troops have launched a major offensive against areas still under militants control, recapturing key strongholds, however, Al-Shabab has since stepped up attacks against government and African Union forces supporting it.

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