Two more MPs elected to Lower House as electoral process resumed in Mogadishu

A delegate casts hi vote in Puntland. Lower House elections for Somaliland will start off in Mogadishu Tuesday after several delays. File Photo: Amisom

The remaining seats for Benadir has been filled as two more candidates were voted to the House of the People, bring the number of MPs elected to seven.

One hundred Electoral College delegates have casted ballots to elect parliamentarians representing Benadiri community in the upcoming Lower House chamber.

Two parliament members including a female MP have been elected in Mogadishu after Federal Indirect Electoral Implementation team (FIEIT) announced the resumption of election.

Today’s election took place at the Police Transport headquarters in Mogadishu.

Among the two parliamentary seats elected today, were one seat exclusively allocated for women candidates.

Biibi Khaliif Mohamed became the first winner of the ballot and she has retained her lower house seat after winning 47 votes, defeating her rival female candidate, Qamar Islow Noor..

Lufti Shariif mohamed has been elected as Lower House MPs, with 26 votes.

After the conclusion of Somalia’s parliament election will see a total of 275-seats of lower house who will vote for Somalia’s next President in the upcoming presidential polls.

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