Two people killed, 6 injured in blast, gun attacks in Bakara market

FILE: Bakara market

Two people have been killed and two others among them police officers injured in multiple attacks in the same location at Mogadishu’s largest market, Bakaro.

A wheelbarrow packed at a road junction in the market blew up killing one person and injuring two others at around 2pm local time. Witnesses told Goobjoog News the wheelbarrow had been left unattended at the junction which is a picking point for public transport vehicles.

The junction is also busy with traders who sell their wares. An hour before the blast, two armed men shot at a bus conductor in the same point killing him. The armed men who are thought to have stayed within the vicinity hurled a hand grenade at police officers who responded to the shooting incident. Three officers and a civilian were injured.

The attacks follows a spate of targeted killings in various parts of the city which has seen at least two reported killings each day in the recent weeks.


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