Two Senators barred from travelling to Kismayu

Two Senators, Abdullahi Sheikh Fartaag and Iftin Hassan Basto  were yesterdsy barred from travelling to attend the funeral of former Jubbaland education minister Mohamed Ibrahim Mohamud who died in India last week.

Speaking to the media, Fartaag said President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo was using  government machinery to impose travel restrictions with the intent of punishing his political opponents.

“Farmajo has deployed government troops to Gedo region with an aim of Jubaland administration pull out for political and his clan interest, moreover that we will not allow the government to divide Jubaland people’” senator Farataag said.

Jubaland President, Ahmed Madobe election held in Kismayo on Aug 22, 2019, opposed by the Federal government claimed his re-election was not free and fair and that it contravened election regulations. Madobe accused the federal government of punishing the people of Jubaland by imposing harsh economic and travel restrictions to make their life miserable.

On 22 September 2019, former president sheikh sharif sheikh Ahmed bare from boarding a flight to Jubaland regional state headquarter Kismayo at Mogadishu airport following government-imposed travel ban to Jubalandstate.

On 25 November 2019, Somali Lower House Parliament member, Daleys Hassan Aden has been blocked her trip to Luuq district in Gedo region from Aden Adde international airport following a large protest against the government troops deployed in Gedo region.

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