UN aid to Somalia is off target says a Local Commission for Refugees

The logo of Somali National Commission for Refugees and IDPs. Photo credit: Online.

National Commission for Refugees and IDPs (NCRI) says UN budget implementation in Somalia is not showing the expected tangible results where priorities are not given to the urgent humanitarian problems in the country.

Speaking to Goobjoog News, the chairperson Ahmed Dahir noted the clear cut plans his governmental organization has in place which replicates countrywide harmony on the needs of the local people.

“The plans we have come up with has two importance. First it is based on what our needs are. It is not about going to travel outside the country and holding meeting but getting water and hospitals. Second, it reflects a general consensus on the federal and regional levels where the donated money for Somalia to be handled jointly by the donors, implementing international organizations and the Somali government” said chairperson Dahir.

He emphasized on the necessity for the country to be able to carry out its own humanitarian activities instead of waiting for others casting doubt on the billions of dollars spent in the country as claimed by the international organizations.

“International organizations cannot always utilize our name. We need to come up with plans. A good example is the drought that occurred in the country where US$ 1.2 billion has been donated to the country and was spent by organizations. I don’t say no person was helped but I don’t know where US$ 1 billion was spent. If the fund was managed by Somalis, people affected by such problems could have been alleviated.”

Describing further the broad plans of his commission, the chairperson mentioned a 3 year basic humanitarian programs that can have positive impact on the livelihoods of the target Somali IPDs which IGAD member countries will be involved.

“These plans with guiding policies and action plan on programs like water, education, health, shelter and security was organized by intellectuals and produced the possibility for a 3 year program compatible with the national one targeting up to 400,000-500,000 Somalis whether returnees or internally displaced ones that can be helped with an expenses of US$ 500 million that can uplift them though it cannot eliminate the whole problem. All these plans are required from IGAD member countries to come with up at the end of this month or early next month that will be generally agreed upon.”

The 1.2 billion dollar fund of the Somali UN office was announced by one of its top officials during a regional meeting inside Somalia.

“The money managed by UN and its Humanitarian Coordinator was disclosed in a meeting in Kismayo, Jubbaland State with the presence of state president Ahmed Mohamed Islam and head of UNHCR that they secured US$ 1.2 billion adding that the coming year it is a forecast prediction that a recurrent drought might happen and the need will be far greater and target money is US$ 1.5 billion” said Chairperson Dahir

He highlighted the essential requirement of involving the Somali government in the decision making process of implementing humanitarian activities and hiring local expertise who are well conversant with the needs of the local people.

“I have no doubt whatsoever that the money was openly collected on behalf of Somalia and the government was not involved on the ways the fund was managed where it can say we have this priorities for its problems. Multiple money is spent on travels and expertise. We have expertise”.

He called for the emulation of the tangible results gained by some of the federal member states and pointed the best way to go about it is to consult with the people at the grass root level.

“What they [IDPs] need are small houses like ones built in Jubbaland or Puntland States. Let us be kept abreast on implementing the fund and consult with the needy people. This is how we need the work to be done.”

The chairperson indicated to be “grateful for the donors and the international organizations for their continued support to Somalia.”

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