UN condemns murder of medical workers in Middle Shabelle

United Nations condemns the abduction and murder of health personnel in Somalia’s semiautonomous state of Hirshabelle following government orders for clear investigation on the incident today.

In a statement, the Deputy Special Representative of UN secretary-general, Adam Abdelmoula has condemned the murder of seven health care workers and civilian in Galooley village under Bal’ad district.

“Attacks against medical facilities and personnel are unacceptable and a breach of international humanitarian law and any common decency during Somalia faces COVID 19 pandemic, flooding and the resurgence of desert locusts,” said Adam Abdelemoula.

The EU joins press statement released also requested a complete investigation on the incident and attributed as a tragedy for the health team operating in the area.

No group claimed the responsibility for the attack but residents blamed government forces as the attackers.

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