UN continues support to fight desert locust in Somalia amid COVID-19 response

Somalia’s partnership in including the United Nations and European Union supports Somalia against COVID-19 pandemic risk and desert locust infestation which threaten rural food security and livelihoods.

Food and Agriculture Organization’s representative in Somalia, Etienne Peterschmitt, provides an update on its support to the country’s fight against desert locust.

The Federal Government of Somalia declared the desert locust upsurge a national emergency in February 2019.

The impact of desert locust to the rural areas and local populations are most affected that pastoralists and internally displaced people could suffer a loss of livelihoods leading prolong poverty rate high in some of the areas invaded by the locust.

FAO set up surveillance and control operations to combat the desert locust upsurge with the help of the Federal Government and member state level across the country to enhanced full cooperation during the operation.

FAO has recently updated its total requirement up to USD 57 million to support Food Agricultural Organisation and the government-led Desert Locust 2020 Somalia Action Plan.

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