UNCOMMON: Suspected airstrike hits mast in Salahley, Somaliland

A suspected airstrike hit a location in Salahley located some 55km south of Somaliland capital Hargeisa, officials have confirmed.

Salahley district commissioner Ismael Yusuf Hussein told Goobjoog News the strike hit a communication mast Friday afternoon but there were no casualties.

Salahley is also located at some 23 kilometres to the Ethiopian border. There is still little information on who conducted the airstrike and possible target. U.S forces regularly carry out airstrikes in south-central Somalia targeting Al-Shabaab and ISIS militants.

Pictures from the scene of the strike which happened Friday in Salahley, Somaliland. Photo: Goobjoog News

There have been no known airstrikes in the Somaliland targeting militant groups raising speculations on the Friday’s targets.



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