UPDATE: COVID 19 cases reach 2,023 in Somalia

The federal government of Somalia confirms 47 new COVID 19 cases on Monday evening bringing the total number of coronavirus infected people to 2,023 patients and  79 death.

The new Coronavirus cases reported within the last 24 hours, 28 cases recorded in Somaliland regions following 72 reported on last week.

Apart from the Monday report in Somaliland, Banadir was the leading region in terms of COVID 19 patients since the first pandemic recorded in Somalia according to health ministry data.

Despite government efforts to curb the diseases, the aid agencies are also making effective progress to reduce the risk of COVID 19 which is widely spreading in the country.

Federal government Minister of health, Fawzia Abikar Noor called on citizens to take the medical advice as part of the efforts in preventing the spread of the virus.

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