UPDATE: Dhagajuun was killed by security forces-Mogadishu mayor

GOOBJOOG NEWS|MOGADISHU:   Mogadishu mayor Omar Filish has confirmed that Hodan district commissioner Abdihakim Dhagajuun was killed by government security forces at 2 am Thursday.

“The deceased was killed last night at around 2 am between Howlwadag intersection and Aden Adde Road junction, after he was shot by soldiers there, and two of his bodyguards were wounded in the incident,” a statement from the Mayor’s office read in part.

Dhagajuun arrived in the country the same day he was felled by a bullet. He had been undergoing treatment in Turkey after surviving a bomb attack in Mogadishu last November.

Dhagajuun’s death exemplified a grim fate he faced between government forces and suspected terrorists who wanted him dead. He survived an assassin’s bomb in November but could not escape a bullet from security forces who were supposed to ensure his safety.

Filish said investigations were already underway. He also formed a seven-member team led by first  vice-chairman of Banaadir Regional Administration Abdulkadir Mohamud to organize the funeral of the deceased official.

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