US adds ISIL leader in Somalia to most wanted list

The US has added the de facto ISIL leader in Somalia, Abdukadir Mumin to its list of most wanted terrorists in the globe.

In a statement Wednesday, the State Department announced Mumin who declared his allegiance to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, ISIL a threat to its national security, economy, foreign policy and its nationals.

“Today’s action notifies the U.S. public and the international community that Abdiqadir Mumin is actively engaged in terrorism,” the statement read.

Mumin who was formerly an Islamic preacher in Britain announced October 2015 his allegiance to ISIL from Galgala ranges in Puntland. But prior to this, he had appeared severally in Al-Shabaab  propaganda videos including ones depicting the attack on Amisom bases in Leego and Janaale both in Lower Shabelle region.

His declaration of loyalty to ISIL led to a purge from Al-Shabaab leadership which killed several militants affiliated to Mumin. Al-Shabaab leadership has consistently maintained its loyalty to A-Qaeda.

In April this year, the ISIL surrogate claimed responsibility for an alleged attack on Amisom convoy outside Mogadishu but Amisom refuted the claims noting the convoy had way passed the point of explosion before the incident occurred.

It is not also clear whether a group calling for defection of Al-Shabaab followers to ISIL in an online post April was related to Mumin.

The State Department said Mumin has expanded his cell of ISIL supporters by kidnapping young boys aged 10 to 15, indoctrinating them and forcing them to take up militant activity.

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