US airstrikes kill 3 Al-Shabaab operatives in Lower Juba-FGS

GOOBJOOG NEWS|LOWER JUBA :   Three Al-Shabaab militants were killed Tuesday in a US airstrike in Lower Juba region, the Somali government has said.

The Ministry of Information said in a statement the three were killed in the vicinity of Dab Shinile and Jamame in two airstrikes.

“ The al-Shabaab operatives killed in the airstrikes were known as leaders connected to IED facilitation and fighter recruitment and training,” the government said.

The strike is the fifth one this month killing a total of 12 Al-Shabaab militants. Africa Command (AFRICOM) said Monday it destroyed an Al-Shabaab compound in Tiyeeglow in Bakool region following an airstrike Sunday.



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