US Confirms killing of civilians in Somalia

The U.S Command in Africa, AFRICOM admits in a quarterly report that last year one of their bombings in Somalia killed civilians including February 23, 2019 bombardment that killed two civilians.

In a statement released by the US stated on February 1, 2019, to March 31, 2020, U.S. Africa Command conducted 91 airstrikes against Violent Extremist Organizations in Somalia during this period; U.S. Africa Command received 70 allegations about 27 separate possible civilian casualty incidents with approximately 90 alleged civilian casualties.

“Regarding the February 23, 2019 strike, we assess that it is likely that two civilians were regrettably and unintentionally killed and three were injured as a result of the airstrike that also killed two Al-Shabaab terrorists who were the intended targets,” said in a statement.

This latest report dismissed earlier allegations against AFRICOM but acknowledged harming five civilians, two of which died.

The US-Africa Command Report does not disclose any compensation provided to the innocent civilians who were harmed in the bombings.

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